Wednesday June - 12 - 2024


Wholey Wheat

As I baked

I spent quite a few years as a baker.

I can't think of anything I like better than a slice of whole wheat toast, the smell of toasted bread just satisfies something in my inner being that I have a hard time explaining to most people.

Whole wheat has a lot of nutrients that the body needs, even though there are a lot of people that think carbohydrates are bad for you, fattening etc., if you don't eat enough of them you burn other thing to get energy for your body to work correctly which can lead to other problems.

Here you can see the different things that go into whole wheat, the whole kernel, the different layers ot the kernel, then the nutrients in each layer.

The last chart below compares whole wheat flour to refined wheat flour and enriched wheat flour. You can see the vast difference in essential nutrients.

hard whole wheat kernels layers of whole wheat kernel nutrients of whole wheat Difference between refined, enriched and whole wheat flour